Epistle of the Bhopal Yearly Meeting 09th Feb 2014

Greetings to Friends everywhere

We gathered together at Friends Church Bhopal on 9th Feb 2014 for our Annual

Meeting with a great joy to have this meeting in newly built Meeting House.

Our Meeting was started with giving thanks to Almighty, enabling us to construct new

Meeting House even when we did not had enough money to complete this work. All our

members contributed for this cause whole heartedly.

Main theme of our Meeting was “ IF YOU LOVE ME, YOU KEEP MY

COMMANDMENTS” (John 14:15). Many shared their thoughts. Following commands in

our daily lives, is very difficult, however we can begin with the command which we can

apply easily in our lives. And thus, if we follow, we become a letter of Christ. We also

discussed the practical ways of witnessing our faith by obeying commands of truthfulness,

love, simplicity, equality and way of peaceful life.

Nalini and Devdas shared their experiences of participating in “Bio Sand Water Filter

Workshop” at Bengaluru, Karnataka and their plan to implement the same at Friends

Rural Centre, Hoshangabad. Their report was very much appreciated by the Meeting and

assured support to carry out this project at the Centre.

Experience of attending Australian Yearly Meeting by Devdas shrisunder, was

amazing and helpful for organizing our future Yearly Meetings.

Young Friends helped us in cooking food.

In our business meeting, all decisions were taken unanimously respecting each other’s

thoughts as a member of our family.

We closed our Meeting with a prayer.

In love of Christ

Ronald Titus Arvind Iliazer Sunny Nathaniel