Varying Quaker Ways of Worship

Friends worldwide come together to worship, but the means of expressing and celebrating our love of God varies between Quaker communities, countries, and traditions.  At FWCC we work to connect Friends across the branches, which means we hope to deepen our understanding of our differences. In the short video series below, Gretchen Castle, General Secretary of FWCC, was joined by Friends from the four FWCC sections (Europe and Middle East Section, Section of … Read more

2017 Finding Quakers Around the World Map

FWCC is pleased to announce that the 2017 version of the Finding Quakers Around the World Map is now available. This map shows at a glance where there are Friends in different parts of the world, including numbers. It also has contact details for the FWCC offices around the world; they can give you contact … Read more