Calendar of Yearly Meetings, 2017

This calendar is a work in progress, listing the dates we currently know. We invite Friends to inform us of the dates of their Yearly Meetings. More information will be added here as Yearly Meetings publicize their meeting dates.


Iglesia Nacional Evangélica de los Amigos Bolivia: January 6–8

El Salvador: January 6–7

Bhopal Yearly Meeting: January 8

Iglesia Nacional Evangélica de los Amigos Peru: January 12–13

Section of the Americas Biennial Meeting: March 23–26

Africa Section Triennial Meeting: March 29 – April 1

Southeastern Yearly Meeting: April 12–16

South Central Yearly Meeting: April 13–16

Ireland Yearly Meeting: April 20–23

Europe & Middle East Section Annual Meeting: May 4–7

Belgium & Luxembourg Yearly Meeting: May 1214

Aotearoa/New Zealand Yearly Meeting: May 12–15

Central European Gathering: May 18–21

Netherlands Yearly Meeting: May 19–21

Switzerland Yearly Meeting: June 2–5

Intermountain Yearly Meeting: June 11–18

Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting: June 14–18

Illinois Yearly Meeting: June 21–25

Nordic Gathering (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden Yearly Meetings): June 29 – July 2

Friends General Conference Gathering: July 2–8

Australia Yearly Meeting: July 8–15

Friends United Meeting Triennial: July 11–17

North Carolina Yearly Meeting, Conservative:  July 12–16

Pacific Yearly Meeting: July 14–19

EFC Mid-America Ministry Conference: July 20–23

New York Yearly Meeting: July 23–29

Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative): July 25–30

Iowa Yearly Meeting (FUM) Ministry Conference: July 26–29

Indiana Yearly Meeting: July 27–29

Lake Erie Yearly Meeting: July 27–30

Western Yearly Meeting: July 27–30

Britain Yearly Meeting Gathering: July 29 – August 5

Baltimore Yearly Meeting: July 31 – August 6

Ohio Yearly Meeting: August 1–5

Alaska Friends Conference: August 3–6

North Carolina Yearly Meeting, FUM: August 4–5

New England Yearly Meeting: August 5–10

Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting: August 31 – September 2

Border Meeting (Belgium): September 13

France Yearly Meeting: October 21–24 (provisional)

German Yearly Meeting: November 2–5

Evangelical Friends of Kenya – Kitale: December 6–10


Canadian Yearly Meeting will not be holding an annual gathering in 2017 due to financial constraints.