Calling for an Economy of Life in a Time of Pandemic

A Joint Message from the WCC, WCRC, LWF, and CWM  The current Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted every aspect of our lives in a world already plagued with immense human suffering. In response, our organizations – the World Council of Churches (WCC), the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC), the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), and the … Read more

A Quaker Theologian in the Faith and Order Commission

Two of many moments on ecumenical journeys… By Rachel Muers, 2020 I’m walking slowly down the long flight of steps towards the Nelson Mandela statue in Pretoria, where we’ll assemble for yet another ‘theologians travel the world to stand in front of things’ group photograph. I’m walking slowly because I’m behind an elderly and frail … Read more

Sustainability programme updates

The sustainabilty programme at FWCC has been active since the Pisac Minute in 2016 which called on Friends to divest from fossil fuels, share stories of the human impacts of climate change concertedly as a family of friends. Since then, we have collected case studies, shared stories, divested from fossil fuels, collected a resources hub … Read more

Quakers Helping Quakers

Friends in the Africa Section have collaborated and are inviting Friends around the world to contribute to Quaker run hospitals and clinics during the COVID-19 epidemic. Read through the the African Friend’s collaboration letter and the FWCC cover letter below for more detail. To the Friends of Friends All Over the World Dear Friends, REF: … Read more

An Interfaith Earth Day message in times of Covid 19 and Climate Emergency A statement from the Interfaith Liaison Committee (ILC) with regards to the COP26 postponement ”As faith-based organisations and movements calling for fair and just policies able to tackle the climate emergency, we understand and support the UNFCCC decision to postpone COP26 in … Read more

Online Worship

Find an Online Worship During the coronavirus epidemic many Churches, Meeting Houses and Worship Groups around the world have closed their buildings. This is due to respecting many social distancing guidelines in order to reduce the spread of the virus. However, even though the buildings Quakers worship in are closed, many Quaker meetings around the … Read more

A Prayer for Our Time

Dear God, You know we are created for community, not confinement.  We are greatly challenged in this time of isolation. Help us find new ways to create community and to retain the love that gives us life. Thank you for technology that helps us continue to accompany one another around the world in work and … Read more

Gretchen Castle, FWCC General Secretary, steps down after eight years of service in November 2021

Gretchen Castle, who has been FWCC’s General Secretary since 2012, is stepping down. To guide FWCC through the impacts of the coronavirus, she will stay in post until November 2021.  Read Gretchen’s reflection on her time at FWCC to Friends world wide. Read the FWCC Clerk’s, letter of acknowledgement of Gretchen’s resignation. To find the … Read more

Former FWCC Clerk celebrates 100th Birthday

On the 5th of February 2020, Joe Haughton, the former FWCC Clerk turned 100 years old. Joe served as FWCC Clerk for half a decade from 1980 -1985. Celebrating birthdays such as Joe’s reminds FWCC that we are so grateful to the wonderful Friends who have offered service to our family of Friends around the … Read more

Sustainability: An Online Conference with Friends Worldwide

How does God call us to Act? On Saturday 22, February 2020 FWCC are hosting an Online Sustainability Conference with Friends world wide. In the following table are the three UK time zones, and the corresponding times across the world. Alternatively this website should help you view the below information in your local time : Session UTC … Read more