2017 Central Executive Committee meeting

The Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the Friends World Committee for Consultation will be meeting from 2 to 7 April 2017 at Lake Kivu, Rwanda, following the meeting of the Africa Section.

The agenda includes consideration of:

  • What work FWCC is called to do on a world and regional basis, and how that work can be resourced;
  • How we work collaboratively across the Sections and the World Office, to strengthen FWCC communications and fundraising around the world;
  • The role FWCC plays in supporting the work of Young Adult Friends, including a new proposal for the Quaker Youth Pilgrimage;
  • The Quaker United Nations Office and FWCC’s supportive governing work, and how to engage Friends in QUNO’s work;
  • Creative ways to bring Friends together between World Plenary Meetings

One major piece of work that the CEC is overseeing surrounds sustainability, in follow-up to the Living Sustainably and Sustaining Life on Earth minute from the World Plenary Meeting in Pisac and the Kabarak Call from the 2012 World Conference. The CEC is particularly interested in hearing from yearly meetings and other Friends’ groups about their activities to address the challenges in the minute. Please send us any relevant material.  The CEC itself is considering new ways to gather Friends between World Plenary Meetings, including a possible on-line conference on sustainability.

Friends with concerns to raise with the CEC should forward them to FWCC Clerk Simon C. Lamb.

We ask Friends to uphold the CEC as its members travel to the venue and as we discern the way forward for FWCC.

Just over a year ago, Friends gathered in Pisac, Peru,
for the FWCC World Plenary Meeting.

During the Plenary, Friends agreed a minute on
Living Sustainably and Sustaining Life on Earth

which asks all Yearly Meetings to take action.

Read more and let us know how you and your meeting or church
have addressed the challenges in the minute.

Our work includes helping Friends to live sustainably and sustain life on Earth; the annual World Quaker Day of fellowship; and the Quaker United Nations Offices in New York and Geneva.

We depend on your generosity to support the Quaker experience.

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